Hello! I am Daniel,



people beyond

the screen.

Frank is a mobile application for your phone and smart watch that supports its users to connect with other people in real life.

your self-motivation.

Yoro is a supportive friend that helps you improve your self-control over the usage of electronic devices before sleeping.




Collaborate through heart, head & hand.

PX Motion is a smart pen that allows a more intuitiv interaction and enhances the quality of communication in remote collaboration.


Creating variety by simplicity.

ChairPF, a piece of furniture that allows for individual applications put forth by the user. 

A chair that is more than just a chair.

International Design Award2.png

Measure temperature comfortably.

NTS is a handheld non-contact infrared thermometer for domestic use. Designed to integrate seamlessly in the series of former Braun products.


Exploration & Play

Exploring unfamiliar spaces by experimenting with new tools, technology and material while failure is a frequent and welcome guest.


In my opinion good design evolves by empathizing with people's desires, ambitions as well as fears